BMW X3 E83 6000K CCFL Bright White Angel Eye Kit V3 Maximize

BMW X3 E83 6000K CCFL Bright White Angel Eye Kit V3

BMW X3 First Generation (E83) 6000K Ultra Bright White Angel Eye Kit V3

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Application List

  • BMW X3 First generation (E83; 2003–2010)


Our CCFL Kits
Our super bright angel eye kits come with everything you need to transform the look of that dull yellow tint of your angel eyes into a super bright white 6000k colour temperature light. Our kits have been designed to be installed into the standard OEM headlight units.


Package Includes:

  • 4x CCFL 6000k Rings
  • 2x Inverter
  • Transparent Clips for fitting
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Instruction Sheet



  • 100% Road Legal
  • 6000K Colour Temperature (true white)
  • High Heat Resistant
  • Designed with thick PVC plastic for an enhanced three-dimensional appearance. The light refraction of the engraving pattern has been optically tested in order to allow optimal illumination.
  • Utilizes UV optical materials to ensure product durability and high levels of transparency.
  • Electronic insulation uses metallic electrolytic materials to maximize levels of brightness.
  • Incorporates currently the most advanced tubular electrodes available, which are superior to the commonly used rectangular electrodes in other products. This technology minimizes dimming of the cathode and anode ends to ensure that there are no blind spots. In addition, it enhances the lifespan of the lighting tubes by x1.5 - 2 times.
  • Uses superior and stable fluorescent powder, which guarantees a lighting lifespan of 15000-20000 hours and consistency in lighting colour.
  • Built with thick and impact resistant glass tubing.
  • Integrates anti-vibration plastic tubing to prevent product breakage.