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Osram HB3 Night Breaker® Unlimited - Twin Pack

Osram HB3 Night Breaker® Unlimited Bulbs - Duo Pack (pair)

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The very latest in German automotive lighting technology from Osram.


What we say:

'The OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER® UNLIMITED series is the very latest generation in high quality automotive halogen bulbs from Osram. The previous bulb in the series, the 'Night Breaker® Plus' has won various top consumer awards over the past few years and has been successful around the world. So this new and improved version is from no exception of possibly winning even more prestigious titles. We recommend this to all who seek an increase in safety and brightness on the road'

- Driven 2 Automotive




Product benefits

  • These bulbs are the new and improved version of the already worldwide popular 'Night Breaker® Plus' series of bulbs from Osram.
  • Up to 110 % more light on the road (compared to standard halogen lamps & 20 % brighter than the previous version: Night Breaker® Plus)
  • Up to 40 m longer beam of light (compared to standard halogen lamps)
  • Up to 20 % whiter light (compared to standard halogen lamps)
  • Completely road legal.
  • Optimum light for more reaction time.
  • Re-designed patented blue ring coating for less reflected glare.
  • More efficient light production thanks to optimized inert filling gas formula.
  • Higher resilience due to robust coil design.
  • Drivers spot obstacles and dangerous situations much sooner.
  • Made in Germany ensuring top quality control.
  • The strongest OSRAM halogen automotive lamp.
  • Eye-catching design with partial blue coating and the silver cap which is seen from the front when installed.



  • Manufacturer: OSRAM
  • Osram Part Number(s): 9005NBU
  • Model: Night Breaker® Unlimited
  • Bulb Type: HB3 (Halogen)
  • Bulb Base: P20d
  • ECE category: HB3
  • Road Legal: YES - ECE R37 (E-Marked)
  • Packaging: Supplied in 100% genuine brand new & sealed OSRAM 'duo' plastic box packaging.
  • Application Area: Headlight - HIGH OR LOW BEAM, Daytime Running Light, Cornering Light,
  • Spotlight
  • Power input 73 W
  • Nominal wattage 60 W
  • Nominal voltage 12 V
  • Test voltage 13.2 V
  • Colour temperature 3600 K
  • Luminous flux 1860 lm
  • Luminous flux tolerance ±12 %
  • Length 80.3 mm
  • Diameter 12.0 mm
  • Product weight 21.00 g
  • Lifespan B3 110 h
  • Lifespan Tc 210 h

HB3 Fitment & Function Information

'HB3' bulbs can be easily confused with 'HB4' bulbs as the powersockets are very similar, however difference between the bulbs is the wattage and beam projection, manufacturers tend to use these two type of bulbs together in a single headlight to provide high and low beam.




How do I find the correct type of bulb for my vehicle?

The best way to ensure correct fitment is to take the time to check what bulbs are currently fitted to your vehicle, or consult your vehicles handbook. If access to the bulb covers is difficult however or in some cases impossible without taking the bumper off, we recommend using OSRAM's Online Automotive Bulb Tool.

NEW! Now find the correct lamps for car interior lighting!



So why choose an OE manufactured bulb from OSRAM?:

  • Osram products are manufactured to the same high quality and standard that is specified and trusted by major vehicle manufacturers worldwide.
  • They're manufactured by OSRAM in Augsburg, Germany.
  • OSRAM are specialists in the lighting field - They only manufacture and sell bulbs.
  • Over 100 years of experience of vehicle bulb manufacturing.
  • All OSRAM bulbs are genuine ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT products.
  • Fit and forget with OSRAM premium quality.



OSRAM quality

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