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Osram H1 SILVERSTAR® 2.0 - Twin Pack

Osram H1 SILVERSTAR® 2.0 Twin 'DUO' Pack

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The very latest in German automotive lighting technology from Osram.

The OSRAM SILVERSTAR 2.0 is a synonym for pure power and the highest level of safety. In contrast to conventional halogen lamps, the performance lamp provides up to 60 % more light at 50 to 75 meters in front of your car. A beam, which is up to 20 meters longer, offers additional safety. This means that hazards, signs and road markings can be seen and recognized considerably earlier and better. Especially during lengthy journeys at night, where the driver's concentration and attention are tested to the limit, the OSRAM SILVERSTAR 2.0 halogen lamp can make driving easier, increase your field of vision and provide the decisive reaction seconds if there are obstacles.

Safety in the dark
Long journeys at night call for full concentration on the part of the driver. A lamp with better illumination of the road will make driving easier and raise awareness considerably. Vehicles equipped with SILVERSTAR 2.0 headlamps therefore have a crucial advantage in terms of safety.

Exceptional specifications
Thanks to their special technology SILVERSTAR 2.0 lamps illuminate the road with an up to 60% brighter light in the crucial zone 50 to 75 m in front of the vehicle than a standard lamp. The fact that the cone of light is up to 20 meters longer offers even greater safety. Obstacles and other dangers can be seen sooner and better, as can road signs and markings.


Product benefits

  • Up to 60 % more light (compared to standard lamps)
  • Up to 20 m longer beam (compared to standard halogen lamps)
  • Up to twice the lifetime (compared to predecessor)
  • Dangers can be seen sooner
  • More reaction time
  • Excellent price/performance ratio



  • Manufacturer: OSRAM
  • Part Number(s): 64150SV2
  • Model: SILVERSTAR 2.0
  • Bulb Type: H1 (Halogen)
  • Power input 68 W
  • Nominal wattage 55 W
  • Nominal voltage 12 V
  • Test voltage 13.2 V
  • Colour temperature 3400 K
  • Luminous flux 1550 lm
  • Luminous flux tolerance ±15 %
  • Length 67.5 mm
  • Diameter 9.0 mm
  • Product weight 7.00 g
  • Lifespan B3 250 h
  • Lifespan Tc 450 h
  • Base (standard designation) P14.5s
  • ECE category H1


H1 Fitment & Function Information

The H1 was the first halogen lamp approved for automotive use. It was introduced in 1962 by a group of European bulb and headlamp manufacturers. The bulb was not approved for use in the US until 1997.



The H1 lamp uses a P14.5s base in accord with IEC 60061. This is a round metal prefocus base 14.5mm in diameter with a flat and two dimples so the H1 can be installed in a lamp only in the correct, intended rotative position. There is one 6.35mm male spade terminal in the centre of the base, through which power is supplied. The H1 grounds through the metal base itself.




How do I find the correct type of bulb for my vehicle?

The best way to ensure correct fitment is to take the time to check what bulbs are currently fitted to your vehicle, or consult your vehicles handbook. If access to the bulb covers is difficult however or in some cases impossible without taking the bumper off, we recommend using OSRAM's Online Automotive Bulb Tool.

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So why choose an OE manufactured bulb from OSRAM?:

  • Osram products are manufactured to the same high quality and standard that is specified and trusted by major vehicle manufacturers worldwide.
  • They're manufactured by OSRAM in Augsburg, Germany.
  • OSRAM are specialists in the lighting field - They only manufacture and sell bulbs.
  • Over 100 years of experience of vehicle bulb manufacturing.
  • All OSRAM bulbs are genuine ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT products.
  • Fit and forget with OSRAM premium quality.



OSRAM quality

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