February 2017

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Bosch “044” Fuel Pump is Given New Anti-Fake Security Seal

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All bow to Bosch for listening to their distributors!

Since the very early days, the insanely popular 044 racing spec fuel pump has been a big target for counterfeiters all over the world. We reported it to Bosch quite a while back now and it’s nice to finally see action being taken to fight fake Bosch fuel pumps on the market.

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Introducing Denso Iridium TT

DENSO TT home heading slideDENSO TT home heading slide

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Features and Benefits

The Iridium TT Twin-Tip Technology delivers far less obstruction to the spark, allowing an omni-directional explosion. The unique design incorporates a 0.4-millimetre Iridium center electrode, and a 0.7-millimetre Platinum ground electrode. This minimises the quenching effect and results in a more effective, more complete combustion.


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Fighting Fake HID Bulbs – The OSRAM Trust Program


With an estimated 40 million HID bulbs fitted to vehicles from new in 2016, you can see why Xenon bulbs are leading the way in automotive lighting at the moment. LED and Laser headlights are on the horizon, however they are still very much super premium pieces of kit, and to the average Joe; pretty hard to come by.

HID Xenon bulbs were introduced in the 1990’s and became popular in luxury cars, they lit up our roads with daytime like colours and improved overall visibility on the road. However no bulb is immune to failure, and with the first HID bulbs that went into circulation beginning to fail, consumer’s are looking for quality replacements. A common way to spot a failing HID bulb is the discolouration of the emitted light which is known as cycling, a shift towards a very blue/purple colour can be emitted due to the higher temperature and increased voltage required to maintain the arc inside the bulb.