July 2017

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How To Fix Squeaky Car Brakes – Why Do My Brakes Squeal?

Brake disc and pads closeup

Got a headache from squeaky car brakes? If like me, you can’t even stand that plastic on plastic dashboard squeak then having any kind of brake noise can immediately cause fury. Here are a few common types of noises that come from the brakes and tips on how to fix them.


  1. Vibration of the brake pads (squealing)

One of the most common causes for brake squeal is vibrating pads. The first thing to check is the anti-rattle springs and also make sure the anti-squeal shims are located correctly. Then add some copper grease in-between the rear of the pads and the piston whilst trying to avoid getting any on the piston seals, as this can cause the rubber to swell that can eventually lead to leaking seals.


How do I find out which spark plugs fit my vehicle? A List of Spark Plug Finder Links


One of the most common questions our support team gets asked on a daily basis is this one: ‘Please could you tell me if these spark plugs will fit my vehicle?’

No problem, we will always provide help with fitment.95% of the time emailing us for confirmation with your reg number isn’t actually needed as all spark plug manufacturers usually provide online compatibility tools.