November 2019

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The OSRAM Trust Program & Halogen Bulbs?

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The Difference Between OSRAM Traceability & Trust Codes

With the successful implementation of HID bulbs into The OSRAM Trust Program, the next move forwards for OSRAM is to expand the technology over to other products. However, if you’ve recently ordered OSRAM halogen bulbs that use a normal tungsten filament (such as Night Breaker Laser Next Generation), you may notice there’s a very similar 7-digit security seal/sticker to those found on the HID Xenon product packaging. The codes shown on these halogen products have been confirmed as OSRAM 7-digit ‘Traceability’ codes. These are used for OSRAM’s internal reporting systems and they’re different to the 7-digit ‘Trust’ code. They also confirmed that halogen bulbs are not implemented into the Trust program yet, however it is soon to be included.