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How to Wash Your Car Like a Pro


Time for an Isolation Spring Clean?

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic right now, we’re trying to stay positive. As a supplier to many garages over the UK, it’s business as normal here. Even the weather has decided to become beach balmy and rub in the fact that everyone is locked down.

Here at Driven 2 Automotive, Kent Car Care valet bucket kits have been selling like hot-cakes. Every car enthusiast who commutes through the winter knows that nagging feeling of just needing to get the pressure washer out; talk to any MOT mechanic and they’ll give you a first-hand rant about what it’s like working on a filthy, ‘pooey’ smelling 4×4. As if the mechanics themselves didn’t dirty enough.

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DRLs in 2020


Surprising DRL Growth Stats

With poor winter conditions and early evenings looming in, having great visibility in the dark is one advantage, however being seen by traffic in the low ambient daytime light is another. In Europe, 15.6 million new passenger vehicles were registered in 2018 with mandated daytime running lights (DRL) fitted. The figure is quite staggering when in the UK alone, 1 million cars are crushed and recycled every year.