How do I find out which spark plugs fit my vehicle? A List of Spark Plug Finder Links


One of the most common questions our support team gets asked on a daily basis is this one: ‘Please could you tell me if these spark plugs will fit my vehicle?’

No problem, we will always provide help with fitment, however 95% of the time emailing us for confirmation with your reg number isn’t actually needed as all spark plug manufacturers usually provide online compatibility tools.

Unless your engine has been performance modified in any shape or form, simply enter your vehicle details using the links below and they will display the correct plugs for your vehicle. If an upgrade plug is also available this will be shown too. Alternatively you can also check your vehicles handbook or manual to see if they provide you with the plug part numbers, note however they will most likely be the standard OEM part number fitted from the factory, not an upgrade like Iridium IX.


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NGK Part Finder –

Denso Part Finder –

Bosch Part Finder –

Champion Part Finder –





  • Will Autolite Double Platinum APP64 Sparkplugs work on my 1979 Dodge B200 Van 360 engine V8? I am having trouble finding info on this, thanks

    • Hi Mario, according to their fitment lists, APP65 fits the 5.2L V8 and the 5.9L V8 with a .035 Gap, APP64 does not fit.

      Best Regards,
      Driven 2 Automotive

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