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New! Walbro / TI Automotive F90000274 In-Tank Fuel Pump Released! Buy Now! Capable of 750HP+


With an E85 Ethanol / flexi fuel compatible design, the new innovative Walbro / TI Automotive F90000274 is the highest flowing in-tank fuel pump on the market. This new version has exactly the same flow rate and dimensions as the previous (F90000267) pump, however it can withstand a higher fuel pressure before the relief valve kicks in. We all want this on our pride and joy because; a higher fuel pressure = more power!

The pump utilises a ‘turbine’ style design which incorporates a single impeller with two parallel rows of durable, hardened plastic turbine blades. Unlike the older Walbro GSS 255lph pumps which feature a traditional metal ‘gerotor‘ pump design, the new turbine reduces a huge amount of operating noise as there is no metal to metal contact, resulting in a fuel pump with a 20% more efficiency as there is less current usage.


Pump Features

  • Outperforms all current market in-tank fuel pumps
  • E85 Compatible – Designed and developed for E85
  • Designed for high performance engines exceeding 750hp
  • Removes the need for two externally mounted fuel pumps on high horsepower vehicles
  • PACE Award winning OE technology – All components validated to OEM specifications for E85 Flexi fuel
  • Walbro Installation kit included
  • High-pressure, high-flow performance
  • Made in USA by TI Automotive (parent company of Walbro)
  • Excellent pump for applications requiring high flow
  • Excellent hot fuel performance

Buy now!




The F90000267 has been designed and developed for petrol and E85 (flexi fuel applications) E85 = More power!

  • Delphi high quality wiring harnesses are fitted to these pumps as standard. All electrical connections must be sealed to be used with E85, therefore this pump has a built in electrical harness with Delphi manufactured Packard type connectors.





On some vehicles careful modifications may need to be made the OEM fuel pump sender unit / wiring, we highly recommend professional installation with anything to do with fuel systems. Also make sure your fuel tank has been checked for contamination and flushed as Walbro’s warranty is void if contamination is found inside the pump upon return inspection. This is one of the most common causes for returns we get with fuel pumps,



All of the TI Automotive / Walbro fuel pumps we have available are 100% genuine items that are manufactured in the USA.


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