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OSRAM’S NEW GOLF Mk6 Road Legal Black Edition Halogen to HID Headlights


The 100% Road Legal Golf Mk6 Halogen to Xenon Conversion

OSRAM has unveiled a solution for VW Golf Mk6 enthusiasts who’ve yearned for a road legal halogen to xenon headlight upgrade, without the need to retrofit headlight washers or automatic levelling systems. The brand new OSRAM LEDriving Xenon GOLF VI Mk6 HID Black Edition headlights are just what they’ve been looking for; a completely legal conversion which requires absolutely no modifications necessary. Yes, no modifications at all, not even headlight washers or automatic beam levellers are needed.

Confused? So were we! That is until we asked Osram’s Speciality Products Business Unit Manager John Lancaster, how it was made possible:

“Headlight wash wipe systems and or self- levelling (HID) is required under ECE regulations if the light source (dipped beam) emits over 2000 lumens. So normal headlamps with D1 and D2 HID systems would require these to be road legal. The new Osram Golf Mk6 Black headlamp is under this level (main lighting D8 HID is just under 2000 lumens) so this does not require a wash wipe or self- levelling system to comply. A D8 HID system is 25W compared to the more commonplace 35W output of D1 and D2 systems. So the Black headlamp complies with ECE and is fully road legal, even though it has a HID bulb incorporated”

So there you go, a very clever design indeed.

With such a big advantage over any halogen bulb upgrade or projector retrofit, these will certainly make any Mk6 enthusiasts knee’s go weak. Also, as these headlamps are far cheaper (£749.99) than a full OEM Xenon conversion where headlight levelling and wash wipe systems are necessary, they ooze temptation.

You can order from our online shop here. We work very closely with OSRAM and are an official Approved Partner (see here), so you can be assured that you’re in good hands.

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Simple Plug and Play

With plug and play installation (that is easy to complete without modifying or damaging existing cables), these new replacement headlamps are an ECE approved upgrade solution designed to appeal to VW enthusiasts. Your existing halogen headlamps can be replaced in your garage or in a workshop without the need for additional equipment or major reconstruction of the vehicle, to offer brighter, whiter light on the road.


Xenon & LED Headlight Technology

The new LEDriving XENARC GOLF VI Black Edition headlamps are equipped with OSRAM Xenarc Original D8S HID Xenon bulbs for dipped and main beam, with LED for daytime running lights, position lights and indicators. The LED indicator function also offers a dynamic or static on/off light setting with a simple press of a button on the rear. This UK specific ‘Black Edition’ is ready for use in right hand drive cars that drive on the left hand side of the road.

Revive & Modernise

OSRAM LEDriving Xenon GOLF VI Mk6 HID Black Edition Headlights give your VW Golf VI an instant, contemporary, road legal upgrade using powerful Xenon and state-of-the-art LED technology with a slick trendsetting design. These new headlights are about making your ride as unique as you are, about finding your style, about turning your designs into reality. Update to Xenon/LED and make your Golf Mk6 look 10 years newer.

Please note: the OSRAM LEDriving Xenon GOLF VI Mk6 HID Black Edition (Ref: LEDHL102-BK RHD) is only available for right hand drive cars that drive on the left hand side of the road. CHROME and GTI Editions are not available for the UK market. OSRAM are also only making these lights available to their official online Approved Partners. We are Osram Approved Partner: AP1001.

Brighter, whiter, farther
A legal upgrade from halogen to xenon headlights with LED DRL

  • 2-year guarantee1
  • Up to 70% more light 2
  • Up to 20 meters longer light cone 2
  • Up to 40% whiter light 2
  • Pixel-free optic thanks to state-of-the-art lightguide technology
  • No additional beam level adjustment and headlight cleaning system required
  • Easy plug and play installation without modifying or damaging existing cables
  • No additional parts needed for installation
  • No additional registration needed (ECE certified)

1 Refer to Osrams guarantee section for precise conditions | 2 Compared to headlights with standard halogen lamps



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    • Hi Gavin,

      The Black Edition (LEDHL102-BK RHD) version we have available is the Right Hand Drive version for the UK (Left Hand Traffic). The Chrome and GTI Editions are unfortunately not available for the UK market.

  • Why are the specs “up to” – that’s meaningless and guarantees nothing. Either they produce the improvements or they don’t. Or they have such ropey quality control that they can’t be sure.

    • Hello Stuart,

      We contacted OSRAM to clarify and the reply was:

      In response to questions about the phrase “up to”, all OSRAM automotive bulbs are manufactured to the highest standards and meet ECE requirements for UK and European road use. OSRAM designs and manufactures its automotive bulbs to meet the most demanding performance standards, and has various types to meet differing personal requirements and preferences. Yet there are other elements that can have some influence on OSRAM halogen or high intensity discharge bulb performance: such as the design, the age, and the condition of a car headlight system; road surface conditions; and weather patterns. OSRAM uses the phrase “up to” to allow for the potential of external factors impacting the bulbs performance and benefits.

      So basically it’s stated like that to take into account the other factors that can impact the performance, not the OSRAM product itself.

  • Are these available for the Mk6 GTi yet?
    And as mine is non zennon just standerd lights is a.conversion on the loom required?

    • Hello Matthew,

      Unfortunately not, they are only being sold as left-hand drive versions at the moment. (not available in the UK)

  • I’m trying to order these for my 2010 mk6 gti. I live in the US. But when i try to buy there is no US option for country in shipping.

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