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How to Spot Fake Walbro ‘255LPH’ GSS342 Fuel Pumps 2017/18

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PLEASE NOTE – This article is now old and outdated! Please read below:

Since originally writing, TI Automotive (the parent company and owner of Walbro), decided to rebrand all of the ‘Walbro’ automotive high performance fuel pump range to officially be known as ‘TI Automotive’ fuel pumps. This means the popular ‘Walbro GSS342’ is now actually called the ‘TI Automotive GSS342G3’.

Performance-wise, the pump has been upgraded to feature a higher pressure relief valve, meaning a maximum fuel system pressure of 112 psi can be obtained instead of the previous 87 psi maximum the Walbro GSS342 could utilise. The appearance has also changed, the easiest way to spot the new pump is the outlet is now grey with a black harness socket and the TI Automotive logo has replaced the Walbro one. A genuine TI Automotive GSS342G3 weighs about 360 grams, however this may vary slightly depending on the amount of remaining mineral spirit that has been left inside the pump from testing.

The shipping cap or plug for the outlet is now red while the inlet cap remains brown (not in picture). The pumps are no longer covered in mineral spirit in the supplied clear bag, however there is still mineral spirit remaining inside the pump from testing.


WALBRO now ONLY manufactures the following fuel pumps:

  • FPC Fuel pump (PULSE TYPE)


For more information, see the following links:



Original Article:

Time to Fight the Fakes Again

You asked for it so we’ve given it, finally a comprehensive guide on how to spot fake Walbro ‘255’ GSS342’s. Anyone who’s ever heard of a ‘Walbro GSS342 / 255lph’ fuel pump will most certainly know just how popular they are. Indeed it seems they’re a synonym to fuel pump / fuel delivery everywhere, with orders flying off our shelves to every corner of the globe. However, with so much confusion online regarding which ones are the ‘truly genuine’ product, we’ve decided to help and solve all myths and mysteries that are circulating around regarding this powerful, yet tiny pump.

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To make things clear, we went ‘under the radar’ and bought in a suspect ‘GSS342’ pump that was advertised on a very popular auction site as ‘completely genuine’ which included a Walbro branded box. The thing is this rang alarm bells straight away because here at Driven 2 Automotive we supply the truly genuine Walbro / TI Automotive GSS342 fuel pump and know full well that new units which are provided by Walbro / TI Automotive USA are not supplied in branded boxes of any description. The next give away was obviously the price where it’s listed at just below the average going rate of real 342’s.

Then it just got better and better once we put them side by side, take a look and share this post to all fellow automotive / tuning enthusiasts.

If you want to be sure you’re buying genuine, buy from us in our secure UK based online shop here.

Click photo’s to view extra large.


Differences #1 – The Box

As already stated, to our best knowledge and experience with the real thing, genuine 342’s are not supplied in branded boxes of any description.



Differences #2 – Pump Bag

  • The genuine pump comes in an unsealed bag with the pump covered in mineral spirit to help stop corrosion forming. Walbro also uses this fluid to flow test their pumps to make sure they’re working to full spec, whereas the fake is in a sealed bag with no treatments and has most likely been untested.



Differences #3 – The Pump Body

The following photos provide proof of just how bad the fake pump we received is.

  • The fake 342’s Walbro logo hasn’t even been stamped with a hydraulic Press. Some poor person has used a hammer on a metal stamp, where they’ve obviously not hit it ‘straight and true’, resulting in a fading, unfinished effect!
  • The fake 342’s Walbro logo is also completely wrong, with no ^ notch in the bottom line, the stamping font and dimensions are different too.
  • The fake 342’s metal casing colour is completely different and has a blue hue to it
  • The fake doesn’t have manufacturing indents which hold the outer metal shell securely to the pumps inner body
  • The genuine GSS342’s shell texture is not as smooth / glossy as the fake


Differences 4 – Weight

The weight is a crucial factor the counterfeit pump can’t hide from, so we weighed three identical genuine GSS342’s to get an average guideline figure. Our scales showed two pumps were 365g and the other was 355g, so there’s possibly just more mineral spirit that’s been left inside two of them. The fake pump weighed in at just 310g so that’s quite a significant difference and a clear sign the design is different inside. The real pumps heavier thanks to the gerotor metal gear system instead of a plastic impeller design. Use 355 grams to 365 grams as a guide, but also note these measurements were taken without the inlet and outlet caps fitted.

If you suspect your pump is fake but its appearance is different to the one in our photo’s, you can use the real weight in our photo’s as a guideline.

Differences #5 – The inlet

  • The genuine GSS342 features high quality ‘gerotor‘ style internal metal gears, the fake uses a plastic impeller.
  • The genuine pumps inlet protrudes out further from the metal casing which you can see in the ‘Differences #3’ photos
  • The fake we received has quality issues with bits of loose plastic evident in the inlet hole – A unique way to make your new fake ‘Walbro’ fail immediately!


Differences 6 – The Outlet

  • There is no return valve pressure pin evident in the fake 342
  • The electrical contact pins are square making for a fiddly install
  • Various other differences are seen between the two.


Worried your pump that was purchased elsewhere is fake?

Hopefully this guide will put you at ease, saving your engine from fuel starvation and running into lean conditions. If you want to be sure you’re buying genuine, return the suspect pump and purchase from us using the link below.


Buy a genuine GSS342 with our own fitting kit from our online shop – Click here

Best Regards and a Merry Christmas from the detectives at Driven 2 Automotive.


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  • I get your desire to alert us to fake products. But using the term ‘gerotor’ to describe a turbine pump does lead one to question your authority to speak on the subject of fuel pumps.

    • Hello Charlie, it seems you’re mistaken. Here’s a genuine GSS342 returned back from warranty inspection with a clear gerotor system incorporated.

      Fake copies use the plastic turbine design, like this:

  • Wonderful information, thanks a lot for sharing kind of content with us. Your blog gives the best and the most interesting information on spot fake walbro gss342 fuel pumps . I wonder if we can gather such practical information about it, a great post definitely to come across.

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