How do I find out which spark plugs fit my vehicle? A List of Spark Plug Finder Links


One of the most common questions our support team gets asked on a daily basis is this one: ‘Please could you tell me if these spark plugs will fit my vehicle?’

No problem, we will always provide help with fitment.95% of the time emailing us for confirmation with your reg number isn’t actually needed as all spark plug manufacturers usually provide online compatibility tools.

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Bosch “044” Fuel Pump is Given New Anti-Fake Security Seal


All bow to Bosch for listening to their distributors!

Since the very early days, the insanely popular 044 racing spec fuel pump has been a big target for counterfeiters all over the world. We reported it to Bosch quite a while back now and it’s nice to finally see action being taken to fight fake Bosch fuel pumps on the market.

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How to Spot Fake Bosch “044” Fuel Pumps


Note – This article is old.

Bosch have since produced a new design of their box and added security coded seals to all 044’s manufactured from 2017 onwards. See our article here

Purchase a genuine Bosch 044 from our shop here for peace of mind

This article however, still applies to consumers who’ve purchased older stock elsewhere and are having doubts if their 044’s are genuine or not.



Please Be Aware of Counterfeit 0 580 254 044 (BOSCH 044) Fuel Pumps

We’ve made this guide along with some images provided by the online community to help you identify fake 044 fuel pumps. Recently there’s been a large increase in counterfeit Bosch #0 580 254 044 (“Bosch 044”) performance fuel pumps appearing on the market.