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Upgrading Headlight Bulbs – Which is the best for you?


Let’s face it, nobody likes eye strain while driving in the dark. The scenario of driving in a storm with rain lashing down and very little headlight visibility isn’t a situation that’s ever one to be desired. Upgrading your headlight bulbs can make all the difference between spotting hazards earlier while also keeping you more alert thanks to less eye strain.

We’ve put together a guide to help you through this somewhat mind boggling process.

Mechanics CornerTips

Are Blue Coated Headlight Bulbs Road Legal? What Is the Best Bulb for Me?


When it comes to car ‘styling’ headlight bulbs, there can be a lot of confusion around the legality of blue coated halogen bulbs. We are really shocked when we read some information other companies present on their websites and listings where they purely rely on the average Joe who knows very little about bulbs to get an easy sale. With blue coated bulbs, it basically comes down to colour temperature and wattage.