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New! Walbro / TI Automotive F90000274 In-Tank Fuel Pump Released! Buy Now! Capable of 750HP+


With an E85 Ethanol / flexi fuel compatible design, the new innovative Walbro / TI Automotive F90000274 is the highest flowing in-tank fuel pump on the market. This new version has exactly the same flow rate and dimensions as the previous (F90000267) pump, however it can withstand a higher fuel pressure before the relief valve kicks in. We all want this on our pride and joy because; a higher fuel pressure = more power!

The pump utilises a ‘turbine’ style design which incorporates a single impeller with two parallel rows of durable, hardened plastic turbine blades. Unlike the older Walbro GSS 255lph pumps which feature a traditional metal ‘gerotor‘ pump design, the new turbine reduces a huge amount of operating noise as there is no metal to metal contact, resulting in a fuel pump with a 20% more efficiency as there is less current usage.