How to Decode Your NGK Spark Plugs Part Number

How to Decode Your NGK Spark Plugs Part Number

Discover how to decode your NGK spark plugs part number, there is more to the number than you might think!

NGK Spark Plug Numbering System

Have you ever serviced your vehicle or bike and pondered over the intricate part number system employed by NGK for their spark plugs? The inclusion of dashes and alphanumeric combinations might have left you perplexed. Nevertheless, there is a valid reason behind this seemingly convoluted approach. The part number functions as a reference code for the specification of a plug.

Retail Box Part Numbers

Starting with the NGK retail box, two part numbers are shown. The top number is the coded part number that details the overall specification, and the 4-digit number underneath is the stock code that NGK (and we) use to streamline warehouse operations. No warehouse operative is going to be keen to see an easily confused sequence, e.g. BPR6ES-11 x6, BPR6E-11 x6, BPR6E x6, BPR6E-11 x1 and so on.

As you can imagine, doing things this way can get a little confusing and the worker would end up quadruple-checking the part numbers which wastes precious time, so that is where the stock code comes into play which makes things far more simple.


It is important to note that the format for designations may vary for each range of NGK plug manufacturers. Here are the different formats used:

Decoding Standard NGK Spark Plugs

Decoding NGK Performance Spark Plugs (Iridium IX etc)

Decoding Premium NGK Spark Plugs (Laser Platinum, Laser Iridium etc)