Introducing OSRAM LEDriving HL INTENSE +350% LED Headlight Bulbs

Introducing OSRAM LEDriving HL INTENSE +350% LED Headlight Bulbs

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Introducing OSRAM LEDriving HL INTENSE

Welcome to OSRAM’s Latest & Best Performing LED Off-road Bulbs Ever!

The OSRAM LEDriving HL INTENSE range is designed and manufactured with an ever-increasing portfolio of premium OSRAM LED products in mind. They feature a more compact design over the previous generation while managing to boost performance and reliability. Now with up to +350% extra brightness (compared to ECE R112) and an internal high-speed cooling fan.

Utilizing the Latest Technology

OSRAM has certainly shown they’ve listened to their customers and have been working hard in the research and development sector. One of the biggest improvements has been to the beam projection, which in our opinion is now second to none in terms of accuracy. See the below image for a true comparison. The latest LED chipsets from Germany mean performance and reliability have also been improved, and with a 5-year OSRAM guarantee; who’s to argue?

Included in the pack are clear-to-follow instructions, making installation very simple. You can use the OSRAM bulb finder website to confirm fitment with your vehicle, and if there’s a note regarding compatibility with your vehicle then OSRAM has a range of accessories available for this kit, namely bulb socket adapters, headlight bulb covers and CANBUS kits. We will have these in stock very soon.

6000K Colour Temperature

There’s no denying the fact that a beam of light which emits more of a daylight-looking colour improves our overall awareness. Road signs are far brighter than standard halogen (yellow tinge) bulbs and visibility of the road in the distance is enhanced. 6000 Kelvin is cool white in colour.

Top Thermal Management Technology With Integrated Active Cooling

A high-speed fan ensures maximized heat dissipation which controls the thermal side of these impressive bulbs. One of the biggest changes is that these bulbs are manufactured in a certified OSRAM production plant in Italy, and a 5-year guarantee is included which shows just how much OSRAM believes in their product. For precise guarantee conditions please refer to


  • Up to +350% extra brightness 1)
  • Very compact LED replacement for conventional H7/H18 high and low beam bulbs
  • The latest OSRAM technology provides an optimized beam pattern
  • Premium OSRAM quality made in a certified OSRAM production plant in Italy
  • Cool White colour temperature of 6,000K
  • The latest in thermal management technology with Integrated active cooling


  • Signs, obstacles and hazards can be recognized sooner
  • Reduced glaring thanks to the optimized distribution of light
  • More light allows drivers to see further and therefore react sooner
  • 5-year guarantee with counterfeit protection thanks to the OSRAM Trust program
  • Better visibility due to the daylight colour effect
  • A high-speed fan ensures maximized heat dissipation
  • Easy installation with a wide OSRAM range of suitable accessories for installation

Buy Now! Available in the following bulb types:

1) Compared to minimum ECE R112, for H7/H18 & H4/H19 2) Compared to minimum ECE R112
3) Refer to guarantee for precise conditions


If you’re looking for the perfect upgrade from Halogen, then we would highly recommend this new range from OSRAM. The build quality is fantastic but the performance is where they ‘shine’.

Please be advised that these bulbs do not carry ECE approval. This means they must not be used on public roads in any exterior application.
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